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Manufacturing high-security locks since 1959.

The Van Lock Company is a family-owned manufacturer of locking products.  From design to production to final assembly, our purpose-built facility in Cincinnati, Ohio provides an efficient home for our operations.  We are one of the few lock manufacturers who actually manufacture and assemble products in the US.  This allows us to maintain stringent quality control standards as well as enabling us to react quickly to the changing demands of our customers.

We utilize the latest manufacturing technologies, including CNC equipment with live tooling and custom-built machining equipment.  

No other lock manufacturer in the world is as dedicated as we are to quality, security, and innovation.


Our Facility

Our purpose built manufacturing facility gives us complete control over the manufacturing and assembly process.

Unlike many lock “manufacturers” we don’t buy our products from the cheapest overseas source and simply resell to customers.

Proprietary Design

All of our locking products utilize our proprietary flat face lock design.

Unlike traditional locks there is no keyway for debris to find its way into. Traditional keyways also act as convenient point of attack for drills and dent-pullers.


Unique Keys

Unlike traditional locking systems no key blanks or key cutting machines exist for our keys. Keys are assembled at our factory with unique and registered codes.

Do you really want the security of your system to rest on the words “Do Not Duplicate”?