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Vanamatic Instructions


It is recommended that locks, particularly those used in outdoor environments, be lubricated at least once in every 6 month period.  A “dry-film” type PTFE lubricant is suggested for use, as is a specific product by the name of “Fluid-Film”.  Do not use lubricants that can attract dust and debris.  To properly lubricate the lock, all components and surfaces should be treated.  It is also recommended that the face of the lock be sprayed with lubricant, allowing time for penetration, and then operated several times with the key to ensure proper coverage.


Local Assistance

Van Lock maintains an extensive domestic and international network of distributors and sales agents.  Please contact us directly for information about your local Van Lock contact.



I’ve purchased used locks, can I obtain additional keys?

Probably not. The locks you purchased have registered codes that belong to another entity. You will need specific permission from the registered user for the release of those codes.

I have locks that I’d like set to a different combination. Is this possible?

If you have purchased our Vanamatic style locks it is as simple as turning a key. If you have traditionally keyed locks we can perform a “recombination” for a small fee. Please contact us to begin that process.

I have a lock and/or a key, but do not know the code or where it originally came from. Can you help?

We can certainly try. Unless the key is marked with a serial # or other unique markings, you will likely need to send the item to us so that we can determine the code. Once we have determined the code, we will contact you to explain the options. Call 1-800-878-1826 to begin the process.

What are your terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions of sale may be found here:  http://www.vanlock.com/terms