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Cam Locks

Cam Locks

Cam Locks for a wide range of security applications

Our cam locks are used in applications ranging from gaming devices to gun lockers to drug cabinets.  

Our flat-faced design with steel insert, or optional hardened steel face, offer the highest levels of security.  Cam locks are designed to fit the standard 3/4” double-d punch-out and come in a variety of lengths.  Hundreds of cams are available (custom cam available) or use an adapter with existing cams.

L1 Lengths Available:

  • 5/8”…..SC
  • 7/8”…. LC
  • 1-1/8”…. ELC
  • 1-5/16”….C13

*Specify degree and direction of turn

The unique key makes our cam locks the perfect choice where strict key control is absolutely essential.

Made in the USA
Unique & registered codes
Flat-faced design
Optional Vanamatic Feature