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Locking Keyrings

Locking Keyrings

Locking Keyrings increase key control

Key Ring Padlocks secure keys and prevent unauthorized removal

All rings utilize our proprietary high-security locking mechanism and key. Why use a locking ring if the keys to open that ring can be easily identified? All key codes are registered and strictly maintained.

Available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors. Additionally, rings can be stamped for easy identification and tracking. Optional dog tags can be attached for further tracking.


  • Flexible Cable: 6”, 8” , 12” (custom sizes available)
  • U Shaped Steel Shackle: 1.5’, 3”, 5”
  • Round Steel Shackle: 2.5”, 4”

Available Colors:

Black, White, Silver, Orange, Lt Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Tan, Pink, Glow-in-Dark

Made in the USA
Unique & registered codes
Flat-faced design
Optional Vanamatic Feature