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Fuel Dispenser Locks

Fuel Dispenser Locks

Help Prevent Credit Card Skimming, Theft, & Fraud

Traditional OEM dispenser locks offer little security and provide virtually no key control.

Purchase directly from the us, the manufacturer!  Other aftermarket lock manufacturers can only provide common keys and force you to purchase through distribution or service centers.

Better Security! Better Pricing!

Our fuel dispenser locks:

  • Utilize our proprietary flat face design with no keyway. Locks with open keyways are vulnerable to glue, debris, and physical attacks.
  • Keys are truly unique. No key blanks or key cutting machines are available. Don’t rely on claims that keys cannot be duplicated.
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA.
  • Unique and registered codes. All locks are built-to-order with secure codes. Each location can have it’s own code. Master keying is available, as is our unique 8-in-1 quick change feature.
  • Easily retrofit existing dispensers
Made in the USA
Unique & registered codes
Flat-faced design
Optional Vanamatic Feature